Concussions And Head Injuries

Concussions, head injuries, and strokes.

We have been managing and aiding patients with brain injury for over 20 years.  Dr. Pirotte was asked to join the staff at Wesley Rehabilitation Hospital in 1992 after lecturing to a statewide meeting of occupational therapists.  We diagnose and treat HUNDREDS of head injured patients each year.

Since then, our knowledge and care for these patients has exploded.  We are the leading practice in the whole region for training and care of the head injured patient.

In 2010, we were honored to be one of the first 5 practices in the nation invited to start a private practice residency to teach new graduate optometrists about vision rehab. 

Now, we serve on all three major rehab facilities in the area: Via Christi’s two campuses in addition to Wesley.

What happens in a brain injury?

First, we know that over half of the brain is involved in the act of seeing.  Since the brain injury (yes, concussion is a brain injury) subtly tears and damages the nerve cells, vision is very likely to be affected. 

What symptoms might one see?  The patient can:

Be light sensitive

Hate motion (“walmart affect” where shelves and stimuli to the side are overwhelming)

Can see double

Can be very blurry especially at near

Have trouble comprehending or remembering what is read

Struggle with school or work

Lose their place with reading

Have loss of side vision

Have body posture distortions, or gait (walking) disturbances

And more

How do we treat the problem?  We have a full array of treatments available, including special glasses to help the brain heal and bypass its problems, vision therapy in the office, and many other modalities.


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