Vision Reading

Each year of school, your child's brain changes, and school gets more demanding.

Reading requires children to accurately use many different skills.  The most important skills are VISUAL. Unfortunately, about 20% of school-aged children struggle to read. Many kids who struggle to learn and read have vision problems beyond their eyesight being 20/20. These visual problems involve poor function with their brain and eyes, which impairs their ability to read. 

Vision plays a vital role in the reading process. Incredibly, the eyesight test at school required by law to be performed on your child was actually developed in the 1860's.  The laws that make these tests mandatory each year or two were written in the 1940's and 50's!! Our understanding of the brain and vision has grown tremendously since then.  So should our tests.

It's the 3 "PILLARS OF VISION" that matter most when you get your child checked.  What are they??

TEAMING.  They must also be able to coordinate their eye movements as a team.

TRACKING.  They must be able to follow a line of print without losing their place.

FOCUSING.  They must be able to maintain clear focus as they read or make quick focusing changes when looking up to the board and back to their desks. 

They have to interpret and accurately process what they are seeing.  If children have inadequate visual skills in any of these areas, they can experience great difficulty in school, especially in reading.

Children who lack good basic visual skills often struggle in school unnecessarily. Their "hidden" vision problem is keeping them from performing at grade level, yet teachers and parents often fail to make the connection between poor reading and the child's vision.


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