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We welcome you to our therapy clinic!  See some of our patients at work:

(For help in locating a vision therapy practice in your area, contact the College of Optometrists in Vision Development,

We start with a full diagnosis.  This involves testing all the functions your child needs to succeed.

The tests are nearly all OBJECTIVE, with norms and statistics by age and grade.

The Brock String is a powerful tool which gives the child a great deal of visual feedback. 

Computers are an important part of vision therapy treatment. The child can work on programs which train eye movements, eye coordination, stereo vision, and other techniques.  

This patient is working on a diagnostic and training instrument. It helps him to gain the control necessary to correct his eye aim.

Another device to aid in using the eyes together.

The amblyoscope is a very sophisticated instrument to train crossed eyes, lazy eyes, and eye teaming skills.


We teach kids to see with both eyes together properly.  One way to do this is to "tag" each eye with a different color, like this.  


Different lenses are used every day during office therapy.  Without them,, we can't successfully treat the core problems we find. 


Vision therapy requires "one-on-one" care.  It can't be done at home ONLY, or without a trained person supervising it.

This patient is working with special polarized slides called Vectograms.  


Some kids have difficulty turning their eyes inward at close ranges.  As a result, they often struggle in school because they simply can't maintain the inward eye aim required for reading and most closeup activities.


Eye hand and body coordination training.




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