Success Stories

Here are just a few of the comments from patients, parents, and teachers about the ways vision therapy has helped change lives.  

From a teacher who saw one of our patients make big gains in the classroom:  The last two months, Aaron has displayed an incredible improvement in the quality of his reading, completing tasks, being responsible for his work, and attentive enthusiasm.  I am so proud of him.  I know he has worked very hard in therapy, and his efforts have really paid off. 

From a mother whose son was failing before vision therapy:  Justin has been in therapy for 20 sessions and has shown a lot of improvement.  Before we started therapy, Justin was in all the Chapter programs at his school to receive remedial assistance, and his teacher had already told us that he would be retained in 1st grade because he was making so little progress.  But vision therapy for Justin's convergence problem has changed everything. We've almost completed his treatment program, and he has been pulled from the Chapter program because he was doing so well.  But most importantly, we just had our parent-teacher conference and Justin will be promoted to the second grade.  He has made tremendous improvement in reading and is no long the last in his class.  Our family recommends vision therapy to any one who is trying to decide to enter a treatment program.  In fact, we wish this was an opportunity available to everyone. We had to drive over an hour one way to our appointments, but it has been well worth every effort.   

From a grateful mother who saw vision therapy change her son's future:  My son Josh was always bright, so it was hard for me to understand why reading was such a problem for him.  He hated reading and read so slowing that I don’t think he ever finished a book. For years I told myself that the reason his reading was so slow and labored was because he was so careful and methodical by nature, but when Josh was a sophomore our eye doctor discovered that there was a bigger problem. Josh had an eye teaming problem, and if he read for very long print blurred and doubled.  That’s why Josh struggled with comprehension and sometimes covered one eye to read—to keep from seeing double!  Josh went through two months of vision therapy to correct the double vision problem.  That was two years ago, and we couldn’t be happier! Josh is a senior this year, and vision therapy has changed his entire future.  First of all, he reads all the time!  He consumes any reading material he can get his hands on.  Since he no longer has to fight double vision and eyestrain, Josh now reads amazingly fast with an incredibly high rate of comprehension.  In fact, last semester Josh decided to use his new “speed reading” talent to his advantage.  To get a head start on college he went through a CLEP program that allowed him to test out of college classes. He would spend 3-4 days reading background material and then he’d take the test. Josh has accumulated over 18 hours of college credit before he ever starts school!   Here’s the best news:  Josh scored a 30 on his ACT test and was recently awarded a college scholarship.   Two years ago, I feared Josh’s reading struggles would keep him from college, but thanks to vision therapy and my son’s determination, his future is unhindered and unlimited!  God bless you all!”

From a parent whose son's reading improved over four grade levels after therapy: "Our son Matt is a bright twelve-year-old who loves sports and does well in math. But he has always struggled in reading and has been in a Chapter One reading class for special tutoring for four years. Even with all the extra help, his reading tested as low as second grade at the beginning of his seventh grade year. Then we found that Matt had eye teaming and focusing problems that were the root cause of his reading struggles, and we started vision therapy. After only a few months of treatment, Matt's teacher retested him and he was reading at the 7th grade level! The school decided to "graduate" Matt out of Chapter One reading because he was doing so well. Vision therapy really works!"

Letter from a mother with a long list of her daughter's improvements after therapy: "Since Megan began vision therapy, she has improved in all academic subjects, has gained confidence as a reader, and voluntarily completes her homework (which makes family life a lots easier too!) Also, her behavior has settled down in the classroom. She now enjoys books and looks forward to school. All of these things are a direct result of the improvement of her vision. Her teacher reported a noticeable difference in her skills and behavior approximately eight weeks into vision therapy. I see the greatest improvement in reading. She no longer stumbles over every word, becomes frustrated after just a couple of sentences, or begs to stop reading. I believe that without vision therapy, she would have continued to struggle at school."

 From a teacher who saw the improvements in one of her students after vision therapy: "Stephanie has demonstrated significant growth and improvement throughout the course of this school year. Her grades are much better, and she now works quietly without disturbing others. She has become a positive leader within our classroom. I'm convinced Stephanie's improved vision has played an important role in the positive changes I see in her."

From the mother of a child with new self-confidence: "Samantha has not only improved her visual function since vision therapy, but along with her eye improvement has come so much improvement in her self-esteem. She was with me at her last parent-teacher conference and just beamed when the teachers told us how much her reading had improved. Tears come to my eyes as they showed me the progress she had made in one semester. Best of all, Samantha enjoys reading now. She doesn't get tired of reading in the middle of a story and she reads with more confidence. I'm so proud of what she has accomplished thanks to vision therapy."

From a mother who saw vision therapy turn her daughter around: "Since beginning vision therapy for Brittany, we have noted a marked improvement in her school performance, and her attitude toward school has gotten 100% better! She went from crying at the thought of going to school, to looking forward to it. I am so glad we started her therapy when we did before the problem got any worse. I would strongly recommend vision therapy. It has paid off for us well beyond our expectations."

From a father of a seven-year-old with improved school performance: "Before vision therapy, our second-grade son was having a very hard time reading. It was a challenge, to say the least, to get him so sit down with a book. Also, his spelling in school was suffering as well. My wife and I were beginning to get very worried because our son was getting further behind his classmates. Then our eye doctor diagnosed our son as having an eye teaming problem which caused him to have double vision and we put him in vision therapy. Now he wants to read, which makes it all worthwhile. And as far as his spelling, he has gone from missing 8-9 words out of 10 to only missing 2. He even has some 100% under his belt! We can see his self-confidence really beginning to increase. Thanks to everyone for your help."

From a sixth-grade boy who likes school now: "Since I started vision therapy my grades have gone from D's, up to B's and C's. I read better now and I even kind of like school. My mom says that I have a better attitude. Thanks for helping me see better."

From a high school sophomore who saw dramatic changes after therapy: "My grades have been going down for the past few years. My parents were getting very frustrated. I was frustrated. I knew I was trying hard, but just couldn't do as well as my parents expected. Then we found vision therapy. I thought it would be really hard. It was actually kind of fun. Since I went through therapy, I don't fall asleep when I read, my eyes don't get tired, reading is so much easier, my attention span is longer, and it's a lot easier to do homework, especially if I have a lot. Believe it or not, I have the top grade in my English class now! Vision therapy is the best thing I've ever done. I'm glad my parents signed me up!"

From a teacher after one of her students had finished vision therapy: "Wow! What an improvement I saw since the beginning of the year. I'm so impressed." [The child's end-of-the-year report card was all A's except for one B+.]

Letter from an eighth grade boy with better grades after vision therapy: "I just wanted to tell you about my report card. The only class I ever got good grades in before was PE, but all my grades are good now. Science went from a C to a B. Social studies went from a D to a C, computer class went from a D to a B, and language arts went from a D to a B. I understand what I read now and homework goes faster. But the best thing is I'm not grounded anymore!"

From a high school freshman whose grades when from F's to A's: "Before I started vision therapy, I had a great deal of trouble with all my reading. I couldn't read for five minutes--sometimes not even a whole page. I got an "F" in English and never brought it up, so I had to take summer school. I started vision therapy about the same time. By the end of summer everything had changed for me. In summer school we read Animal Farm. I found reading was much easier for me, and I could remember the things I read. School continued to get better and I finished with an "A"--the top grade in my class!"

From the mother of a child with a lazy eye: "When Ryan was first diagnosed with a lazy eye he was only seeing about 20/70 out of his bad eye. He was shutting it down most of the time and not using it at all. After Ryan finished vision therapy three months later, he was seeing 20/20 out of his "bad" eye. As a result, he was able to read much better and concentrate on his school work more without tiring. His sports improved too!"

From an adult who credits vision therapy with saving her job: "Before I started vision therapy, I felt it was only a matter of time before I would have to quit work because I had horrible headaches and double vision which caused me to make a lot of mistakes. However, my eye doctor assured me that he could correct my double vision and felt that I should be able to continue working. I started vision therapy both at his office and at home. At first I couldn’t see much improvement, but as I continued my therapy I noticed lots of changes. By the time I finished my sessions I was pleased with the results. My double vision was gone along with the headaches I have had for years. Now I look forward to going to work and no longer have to continually check myself for errors. Truly, vision therapy saved my job."

From a mother who believes therapy saved her child from years of struggling: "My son John attended vision therapy during the fall semester of his first grade year. He went from having extreme difficulty following a line of text to doing so with ease. At the end of his first grade year, he began reading simple books and now, one year later, he has continued to progress into a child who reads independently and on his own initiative. I feel that the early intervention of VT when reading problems were just beginning helped prevent the cycle of failure and frustration that can develop when visual learning problems go untreated in the young student."

From the mother of a first-grade therapy patient who can now read: "Our son Colton had been struggling since preschool trying to learn the letters of the alphabet. During his first grade year the teacher recommended a tutor. He was still trying to grasp the ability to read when his vision problem was diagnosed. We elected to pull him out of sports and discontinue the tutor so that he could focus his attention on vision therapy. We have been amazed and pleased at his progress! He is actually reading books to us! I am thrilled that vision therapy can correct a problem in such a short amount of time. My brother was recently diagnosed with the same vision problem while in college. What a world of difference it would have made for him had he been in first grade too rather than having to struggle until he was an adult."

From a mother whose child who was removed from special reading classes after therapy: "Our 13-year-old was in a private school. She struggled with reading and completing assignments, and was just generally struggling to keep up with her schoolwork. At school, April was assigned to a special class for individual tutoring. The program cost a lot more, but we gladly paid it because she was not doing as well as we knew she should. However, our eye doctor discovered April had an eye teaming problem that was making it difficult for her to read and get her work finished on time. After we completed vision therapy, April was retested at school. She was put back in the regular classroom and no longer needs special classes or extra support. Her self-esteem has also improved once she realized it was her eye problem and not any lack of effort or ability that was causing all her academic troubles."

From a grateful mother of a child with a lazy eye: "Words cannot express our gratitude for what vision therapy has done for our child. When we first learned Erika had problems with her vision, we were unsure of what all the medical information meant. Until we met you and your staff, we were skeptical about what we were being told and frustrated with the lack of compassionate care our daughter had received up to that point. Mary and your staff took extra time to answer our questions and make sure we were comfortable with the plan you made for Erika's treatment. Through the smiles and tears, you all kept faith in Erika. She developed friendships with the vision therapy staff and looked forward to seeing them each visit. We always felt we were well informed on how Erika was progressing and what we needed to be doing. I will never forget the day when Erika's vision had improved to the point that she was actually using both eyes together and seeing 3-D! Thank you so much for all the work you do in this field and the persistence and compassion you showed in treating Erika."

From the mother of a bright child who no longer struggles in school: "Vision therapy was lifesaver for us. My son Jimmy, age seven, has always been above level for his age group in vocabulary, dexterity, intelligence, and social skills. Yet when he started first grade, he began falling behind in reading and written work. He barely passed first grade, and with second grade rapidly approaching, I was concerned. It was almost a relief when a routine eye exam revealed that Jimmy had both tracking and binocular vision problems.  We started therapy twice a week in August and by September Jimmy started to catch up with his second-grade classmates. After twenty-four sessions Jimmy's eyes were trained to work together and they were no longer inhibiting his school work. He is now a happy, self-confident second-grader progressing nicely at school. Without vision therapy, there is no questions we would have been fighting an endless battle of failures."

From a father whose child's teacher was impressed: "After Jaimie started vision therapy, we noticed a tremendous change in her grades and her attitude towards school. Her teacher noticed the same changes. In fact, he said she didn't even seem like the same student.  My daughter has a much better future ahead of her because of vision therapy."

From a ten-year-old child with a lazy eye: "Before I started vision therapy I couldn't read or do anything with my left eye. Now I can see out of it. I can also hit a baseball a lot better. This year I hit my first homerun. I'm glad I started vision therapy because I can see a lot better!"

From a mom whose son's grades have dramatically improved: Grant is doing great in school! He's now making A's and B's instead of D's like last year. In fact, his teacher has Grant helping some of his classmates with their work. Grant often says that he can't believe how much easier school is now that his eyes are fixed."

From a nine-year-old patient who was taken out of special reading classes after therapy: "Thank you for helping me with my reading. I can follow sentences better and I understand what I read. I'm not in reading lab this year. I have been in reading lab for the last two years, but now I read good."

From a mother whose daughter had an eye teaming problem: "It's been a year since my daughter finished vision therapy, and Emma is still doing as well at school as we had hoped. She is having a terrific 5th grade year. Thanks again to you all."

From an adult patient: "I am a 29-year-old who recently had vision therapy. I can read books now for long periods of time and not get headaches. I can read the newspaper and know what I've read when I've finished an article. Driving at night does not bother me now that I only see one road when driving rather than two!"

A note from a pleasantly surprised parent: "Just wanted you to know how much Angela is enjoying school now that her vision is fixed. Today I found her reading a book just for the fun of it! Joy!"

From a second grader, short and sweet: " I can't see double now. I read faster. I don't have headaches."

Letter from a parent whose son's reading level is now the best in his class: "I just wanted to share with you the wonderful results we've seen from vision therapy. In addition to the grade card I've enclosed [all A's with one B+], I wanted you to know that when the school tested Kelton's reading, his comprehension was the best in his class--quite an improvement for the little boy who was struggling to learn his alphabet because his vision was so confused! Thank you for the wonderful work you do for children!"

From a twelve-year-old patient with new pride in her school performance: "I got to tutor another kid at school today. That's never happened before! Thank you for making my eyes better."

From parents who credit vision therapy with turning their son around: "When Justin was first diagnosed with his visual problems, he was just completing the first grade. He could not stay on task for more than five minutes. He complained of headaches, his eyes were always red and itchy, and he had a difficult time with all of his school assignments. His reading level tested very low, and he could not read more than one sentence without becoming agitated and frustrated. Justin's teacher suggested that he might need vision therapy, and after an eye exam at your office we found she was right. Justin spent the summer in therapy, and by the end of the first semester of his second grade year he was bringing home A's in spelling and his reading tested nearly at grade level. He as completed 5 accelerated reader tests with 100% on each one. His self-confidence is amazing, and he has not been disruptive in class. His handwriting is now legible, and his teacher tells me he participates in class activities with confidence. He can now read an entire book by himself, and he completes his homework by himself with little assistance from us in 15-30 minutes. It used to take two hours because he got so easily distracted and tired. We can't thank you and your staff enough for the changes you have made in our lives. I am so thankful for the fact that my son has the opportunity to excel in his academics to the best of his ability because he is no longer held back by his vision difficulties."  

From parents who saw their son go from 4 hours of homework a night to 30 minutes, while grades rose from average to A's: "When school started this year, our son Kyle was having trouble with his studies. His grades were not very good, and he was having trouble keeping his attention on his work. Homework was taking us four hours a night just to be able to maintain average grades. We had his eyes checked and were informed Kyle had a vision problem which sometimes made him see double. Glasses couldn’t fix the problem, but we were told vision therapy could help our son. After going through vision therapy, Kyle has become an "A" student. His spelling went from missing nine words out of twelve to getting 100% correct. Best of all, homework only takes him half an hour each night! As a result, his self-esteem has improved. Kyle has always loved sports, and after therapy his performance has also raised. Kyle has even learned to ride his bike in the last two months, something he struggled with before because his balance and eye-body coordination were poor because of his confused vision. We strongly recommend anyone who wants to see their child succeed to get a learning-related vision evaluation."

From a mother whose son was pulled out of special reading because his skills improved so much after vision therapy: Ryan seemed to be off to a great start in first grade, but soon after the first month of school when they started reading, spelling, and math, Ryan became frustrated and started to fall behind.  He worked so hard at homework but was still losing ground.  Papers were sent home half done for him to complete.  When he read a book out loud to me, he constantly moved around, stopping often or lying his head on his arm because he was too tired.  At the first parent-teacher conference, Ryan's teacher said that he had symptoms of a vision-based learning problem, so we made an eye appointment. The teacher had been right; Ryan had a convergence insufficiency. To be honest, we'd never heard of this type of vision problem before, and it seemed hard to believe that the problem could be permanently corrected with just a few months of in-office therapy, home exercises, and patching.  However, we could not ignore the fact that Ryan was increasingly struggling and frustrated with school. So we decided that if therapy could help at all, it would be well worth our efforts.  And therapy was hard work!  But just halfway through his therapy program, Ryan's teacher told us that he was doing so well in reading she felt he could be pulled out of the resource room where he'd been receiving extra tutoring. Ryan's handwriting had improved as well.  He started bringing home perfect spelling tests.  How exciting!  I also noticed that Ryan would pick up a book at home just to read for fun.  Half-done school assignments disappeared as well.  After vision therapy, Ryan now has the ability to continue to succeed in school without his vision problem slowing him down.

From a parent who saw her son's grades go from C's and D's to A's after therapy: Before Geoffrey started vision therapy, he was having trouble in reading and math.  He didn't like reading because it was so hard.  Since he started therapy, instead of making C's and D's, he is making A's.  He has gone from not liking to read to loving it.  In fact, he reads every chance he gets!  His teacher said he has become eager to read and learn and he now stays on task better than he ever did before.  He's no longer frustrated with school and I'm so pleased at the improvement in his self-esteem. 

From parents who saw vision therapy turn their son's behavior and grades around at school: Before vision therapy our son Dean had a hard time staying on task, and he had behavioral problems in the classroom.  His teachers thought he might have attention deficit disorder.  We hadn't even considered that vision might be the cause of his troubles because he had 20/20 vision.  However, the eye doctor diagnosed Dean with convergence insufficiency, an eye teaming problem which kept Dean from using his two eyes together.  He explained that 20/20 vision simply meant that Dean had clear sight, but that for school work Dean needed other important visual skills.  Because Dean's eyes wouldn't work together at close ranges, he was often having double vision.  We realized that Dean's eyes had to be corrected, even though it meant a lot of work. Dean went to therapy twice a week, and each night we had home exercises and eye patching to do.  This was difficult, especially with homework.  But as time went by, we started to see important changes in Dean's attitude.  He was staying on task at school, having an easier time with his homework, and having fun at therapy.  Mary and the rest of the vision therapy staff saw Dean's vision skills improve by leaps and bounds.  At the same time, his grades were improving.  Now his teachers have nothing but great reports about his school performance.  Dean's grades have improved one to two marks in each area.  Thanks to his therapy program, Dean has learned how to use his eyes together so that he can read and learn.  Without the constant eye strain, there's no need for him to get off task, so his behavior has improved right along with the grades.  We gladly recommend vision therapy to all children who would benefit by it.


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