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Adults in Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is not just for children.  The same vision conditions that can make school performance difficult for children are just as debilitating for adults.  Eye teaming, tracking, and focusing disorders that are not identified and treated in childhood will follow patients into their adult lives.  Common symptoms adults experience are:

  • Eye strain with close work
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty reading for any length of time
  • Errors in paperwork
  • Double vision
  • Inability to sustain desk work for long periods
  • Short attention with near tasks that require working with small details
  • Problems with nighttime driving
  • Fatigue and frustration

Adults respond very well to treatment.  They are often more motivated, and because they have the cognitive skills to understand therapy techniques and monitor their own visual systems, adults are able to internalize therapy faster and usually require much less time in treatment.

Adults who have suffered strokes and head traumas from accidents are another group of patients who can benefit greatly from vision therapy.  Brain injury can cause an adult with previously normal sight to struggle with double vision and decreased visual function. Vision therapy rehabilitates the visual system and can usually restore these adults to much more normal function.

Whether you're a veterinarian who sees double during small animal surgeries, an office clerk whose job is on the line because of "careless" errors, an adult student who wants to be able to return to college, or a teacher who is just tired of living with headaches and eyestrain, there is help for you! Within a couple of months you could be living in a much more comfortable world.



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